I agree, "Enough is REALLY Enough!"
We agree, “Enough is REALLY Enough!”

Enough is REALLY Enough!

A while back I drove by the Frederick County School Administration building on South Street and saw many teachers (I suppose) standing on the street corner dressed in black. The Frederick News Post ran several articles about the “salary protest” and mentioned that they were mourning non-existent pay increase.

“Wow,” I thought, “good guys wear WHITE, not BLACK!”

Teachers ARE the good guys. So how is it that they have been beaten down so much that they are easily convinced to “wear black” to get their point across? Has morale sunken that low? Teachers deserve better.

That’s how the Plan for Teacher Prosperity started.

Full time FCPS teachers average $64,000 per year – that’s $1.9 Million dollars over a 30 year career.

It’s really quite simple. I started out making $18,000 per year and rarely made over $75,000. Yet, I was fortunate enough to meet a financial mentor in my early twenties who told me this, “if you educate yourself about how money works, you will have guaranteed prosperity.” I followed his simple advice, educated myself on the 5 Laws of Gold, used my humble earnings wisely and accumulated a nice nest egg. Anyone that earns a decent salary over their career and uses it wisely can do the same.

I’m not a financial planner, advisor, teacher or politician. I’m just a small business owner who educated himself early in his career and made a decision to take control of my own financial destiny. Teachers can too. I’ve seen what FCPS teachers make and they have the earning power to be extremely prosperous, especially younger teachers that have time on their side. Starting pay is irrelevant; it’s what you keep and how you use it that matters in the long run.

Starting pay is irrelevant, it’s what you keep and how you use it that matters in the long run.

At the core of the Plan for Teacher Prosperity is the simple idea that EVERYBODY wants more money, who doesn’t? People that make $40,000 want $50,000, people that make $50,000 want $60,000 and people that make $80,000 want $100,000. It’s a never ending cycle where people are focused on GETTING more instead of DOING more with what they earn. People that think like that will never have enough.

Most agree that teachers should be paid well; it’s an important job. However, teacher morale is getting crushed by the constant drumbeat of “teachers need more money!” by outside forces. It’s ironic that the FCTA, who claims to be helping teachers, has them staging humiliating stunts while literally taking a portion of each teacher’s future prosperity each and every month!

Our teachers deserve better and I agree with them – “Enough is REALLY Enough!”

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