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October 2016

Enough IS Enough!

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I agree, "Enough is REALLY Enough!"

fcps_black1“Pappy, why is my teacher wearing black to get more money? I thought they were the GOOD guys”, my grandson asked.

“Buddy, your teachers ARE the good guys, they’ve just been told some fibs by some very mean people who don’t care about them and it’s made them angry.”

“You care about them, don’t you Pappy?”, he asked. “Of course I do buddy, I’ll see what I can do to help them.”

That’s how my Plan for Teacher Prosperity (PTP) started.

It’s really quite simple. I started out making $18,000 per year and rarely made over $75,000. Yet, I was fortunate enough to meet a financial mentor in my early twenties who told me this, “if you educate yourself about how money works, you will have guaranteed prosperity.” I followed his simple advice, used my humble earnings carefully and made a fortune.

Making an average of $50,000 per year for 40 years yields $2 MILLION dollars. What will you do with YOURS?

So, I decided to develop The Plan for Teacher Prosperity

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